Tytecker introduces the Rebar Pro, a revolutionary rebar tying system. This innovative design will maximise productivity and reduce the workload due to its patented rebar tying technique. Unbeatable advantages of the Rebar Pro are: the ergonomic design, no more bending, reduces fatigue, high quality ties, and consistent quality in every connection. Next to that the Rebar Pro is quick; up to 3 times faster than traditional tying techniques, everybody can work with the system with minimal instruction.

The Rebar Pro can be used in a wide range of rebar applications, ranging up to 30mm connection diameter. Ideal for large flooring area's where speed and consistency is critical.


Using the Rebar Pro ensures high quality rebar tying, with strong and durable connections. The worldwide patented rebar clips are made of spring wire to give a flexible connection which will never break. This revolutionary system means you only require one type of clip for all rebar diameters from 6 – 16mm and up to a cross section of 30mm.

The ease of use of the Rebar Pro enables a flexible workforce, as the system is very easy to operate.

- Residential & commercial construction
- Flooring
- Under floorheating pipes
- Civil engineering
- Foundations
- Prefabricated sections

Tool specifications:
- 18 Volt
- 3Ah Li-ion battery
- Weight: 6,2 kg including battery
- Dimensions: (Width x Depth x Length) 26 x 20 x 105 cm
- Magazine Capacity: 100 clips (2 cartridges of 50 clips)
- 2.300-2.500 clips per battery charge